The Health Education Association of Nepal (HEAN) is an independent, non-profit, national level professional organisation with diverse membership of health education professionals and graduate students. The association has more than one hundred active members that include distinguished members, life members and general members.

Improvement of health status of the people through health education and policy advocacy for creating supportive environment is the motto of the association. It aims at promoting health of the people by empowering them in informed decision-making. It also intends to facilitate in the professional development of health education practitioners all over the country.

The association was established in 1991 by a group of health education professionals working in Tribhuvan University, Ministry of Health, and non-governmental organisations with a view to uniting the health education professionals and enhancing their professionalism through training, workshop, seminar, interaction, research and dissemination of the undercurrents in health education. HEAN is dedicated to promote the health of school children and people through public health education and health promotion strategies. It intends to provide a leadership through professional preparation, research and practices in health education profession.

Scope of the HEAN’s programmes include health promotion, health education, school health programme, research works, curriculum development, sexual and reproductive health, environment and community health, mental health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, nutrition education, consumer health and other health issues and concerns. Besides, it also publishes Journal of Health promotion.


Health Education Association of Nepal will be distinguished as a credible professional association for its services in health promotion and public health affairs.


The mission of Health Education Association of Nepal (HEAN) is to provide leadership in health education and health promotion and create supportive environment in order to improve the health of all people.


HEAN’s overall goal is to encourage and support best practices in education and health promotion in school, community and workplace so that everyone can enjoy healthier life.

Objectives of the HEAN

The objectives of HEAN are as follows:

  • To make aware and motivate people towards their personal, family and community health through health literacy and health education.
  • To disseminate evidence-based knowledge, information, ideas and innovations among people through publications, production and distributions of IEC materials.
  • To promote interdisciplinary collaboration with the concerned institutions, stakeholders and people in order to improve the health of people.
  • To provide technical support in designing and implementing effective health education and health promotion programmes in the country.
  • To foster policy dialogue and discourse on contemporary issues of health and health education through seminars, workshops and talk programme.
  • To undertake research in health education and health related issues, and disseminate their findings to contribute to the development and implementation of evidence based health education programmes.
  • To strengthen professional preparation, training of health educators and their professional practices, growth and development.
  • To make organized efforts to protect rights of health education professionals.
  • To support development and advancement of health education and health promotion in the country.

HEAN Membership

Anyone with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with major health or any other health and behaviour sciences related subjects and willing to contribute to the improvement of health education profession could apply for the member of the association.

Membership type:                Contribution:

General Member                 Rs. 200 (annual fee) and Rs. 100 for entry fee

Life Member                          Rs 2500 and Rs. 100 for entry fee

Distinguished Member      Rs 10,000

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