We are pleased to announce that the Health Education Association of Nepal (HEAN) is going to publish its 10th volume and issue 1 and 2 of the journal in the form of both prints and online. Hence, we kindly request to submit the original as well as review article not late by the last of June 2022. Please follow the author’s guidelines before submission. It is also advised that the language of the article should be edited and proofread thoroughly from the author’s side. The Editorial Board will not entertain editing the language of the articles. We accept your paper via an online system only.

For the submission of your paper, follow the link below: Link: http://nepalhean.org/journal/index.php/jhp

Contact us if any queries
Chief Editor Prof. Shyam Krishna Maharjan, Ph.D. (9841353198)
Email: ed.jhp@nepalhean.org
Editorial Manager Bhagwan Aryal, Ph.D. (9851227555)
Email: bhagwanaryal2035@gmail.com
Editorial Assistant Yadu R. Upreti (9841531164)
Email: yaduram.upreti@tucded.edu.np

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